Week 12 Lecture

You’ve made it to the end!  Well the last lecture, at least.  Well done, it’s been a busy semester.  As you’re all busy working on assessment tasks for this course (and others), this week’s lecture is just a recap of some perspectives that we’ve encountered throughout the course, with some comments here and there to give context.  Being a Prezi, you may need to update your flash player to view, but your browser should alert you if this is the case.

Given that this lecture consists predominantly of excerpts from readings, it will mostly be valuable to those of you involved in writing the reflection for your final assessment task.   That said, it is still a useful recap on the complex ideas that underpin the work that we are doing (and have done) in this course, so will be a timely refresher as you complete your hypermedia story.

The simple way to navigate is to click the right arrow (on the bottom of the Prezi window) from one node to the next, but if you’re feeling particularly hypertexty, why not zoom out and chart your own path.

Click here to access the Week 12 Lecture Prezi.

Thanks everyone for a great semester, Hannah and I are very excited to see your hypermedia stories come to life.

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