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The exercises that we’ll work on in each workshop

Week 12 Lecture

You’ve made it to the end!  Well the last lecture, at least.  Well done, it’s been a busy semester.  As you’re all busy working on assessment tasks for this course (and others), this week’s lecture is just a recap of some perspectives that we’ve encountered throughout the course, with some comments here and there to give context.  Being a Prezi, you may need to update your flash player to view, but your browser should alert you if this is the case.

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Week 6 Workshop

We’re getting into some hefty theoretical territory now.  Don’t fear, making sense of this stuff is what we’re trying to do.  This week’s reading is challenging, but on the plus side, it’s an exceptionally eloquent examination of what are very complex perspectives.  Hannah’s lecture will help you get your head around it too, and give some insight into it’s relevance.

Bring on the chit-chat.

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Week 4 Workshop

So far, weeks 1-3 have mostly involved building basic skills, knowledge and awareness about blogging.  By now, if you’ve been working hard on your blog, it may be starting to get a little messy – this is ok.  At this point we’re going to start looking at ways to organise our content to provide an ideas experience for our readers.

At the end of the video lecture for this week, there are two resource’s to check out: Joyce’s Twelve Blue and Prezi – Engaging Blogs .  Have a look at each of these (before the workshop) and think about these questions:

  • What makes them hypertexts (or not?)
  • How do they enhance (or detract from) your experience of story?
  • What are they lacking? What would you do differently?

More workshop here:

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Week 2 Workshop

Firstly, we’ll do a quick follow up from last week and address any questions, then take a look at Assessment Task 1.

Next, we’ll discuss: What are some ways we can demonstrate network literacy on our blog?  You should back up your discussion with a reference (quote or other) to this week’s reading.

This week’s exercises are below.  Similar to last week, these will make up part of your blog checklist to be completed in the Week 3 workshop.

Differently to last week, you will notice a lot less detail in this task.  This is deliberate, all the information you need to know is out there, so go find it!  Of course you can always ask your tutor for help in the workshop.

If you had an existing blog before this course, you may have completed some of these steps already, but make sure to check.  If so, you should focus on the optional tasks, suggested blog entries, finding/reading other student’s blogs, analysing the reading and any other ideas that you can write about and use in your first assessment task.


  • Expand your Blogroll (links): 5 student blogs, 5 ‘other’ blogs.  In dashboard, you need to add a link, then set the link category to something that is on your sidebar
  • Add a widget to your blog sidebar (can be anything you like)
  • Select a Creative commons license and add it to your blog sidebar:

There are also a few optional things you can do, depending on your level of interest:

  • Learn about RSS and see how you can use it on your blog
  • Add twitter feed to blog sidebar (your own, or #netmed2016 …?)
  • Start a Codeacademy course

For next week:

Bring some photos, or audio, or video (or all 3).  Phone quality is fine, but you will be uploading it to your blog, so make sure it’s something that you’re comfortable with being public.

Suggested blog entries:

  • Standard stuff; notes on the reading, lecture, class discussion
  • Write about the widget you have chosen, what it does and why you chose it
  • Read other student’s blogs and link to one of their posts