End of semester screening – UPDATED

The details of our end of semester screening have changed.  This is not to be confused with the end of semester presentation, so details for each are below:

End of Semester Presentation: (Amber, Gabby & Ella)
Date – Thursday 27th October (week 14)
Time – 2pm – 4.30pm [includes intermission + semester 1 2017 pitches]
Room – 80.4.11

End of Semester Screening
Monday 31st October (week 15)
2:30PM – 5:30PM
Location TBC

Please keep an eye on your emails, as I’ll be sending through more details (as well as posting to the blog). These sessions are a great way to celebrate all of the hard work that you have put in this semester, make sure you come along to support each other as well!

Robyn Winslow Masterclass – some questions

We had a great session yesterday with Robyn Winslow, getting an insight into script writing, development and the script ‘doctoring’ process.  It was great to see the progression that her work went through across 3 drafts of the script, and how she changed her approach each time.

Some questions for us to consider and discuss:

  • What do we (as producers) need to think about when developing scripts with writers?
  • What is the focus for writers in early drafts (how did Robyn change her scripts?)
  • What type of content will be most relevant to for us, in comedy? (Action, dialogue, new scene, parenthetical etc)