Content for the Creative Writing students

Thanks, Creative Writers!

Thanks to those who came to our final writers’ session today, and to everyone for a great semester.

As you’ll see here on the next most recent post, a screening of the pilots is potentially planned for Monday 24 October, 2.30-5.30 – so keep checking back here for further details.

For those who didn’t come today (or even those who did) here are the prompts I supplied for discussion – I’m posting them here as possible starting points for individual blog posts for those playing catch-up, or those looking to make one or two more to round off their reflections:

  1. What have you discovered about the writer’s (or writers’) role in the production process?
  2. (Related perhaps to 1.) Discuss one positive experience as a screenwriter collaborating with screen producers.
  3. Discuss one negative experience as above.
  4. How did your group’s collaborative writing process work (or not!)?
  5. Discuss something that happened that you didn’t anticipate.
  6. What did your group do differently (if anything) for this being a project to be distributed online?
  7. What future do you see for this group of collaborators and/or the series?

All the best for the final production session on Wednesday.

Finally, a reminder that Assessments 1.3 and 3 need to be posted to your blogs by Friday 11.59pm – look forward to reading them!

Creative Writers – Task 3 Q&A Week 10

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder (as I mentioned to those of you I saw this afternoon) to keep blogging about your practice through these pre-production and production weeks – the experience of script-to-screen will make for some of the richest fodder you’ll have for your final portfolio (Task 1.3, due Week 12).

As requested, we will go over what’s required of you for Task 3 (due at the same time) next week  (Week 10) during the Monday session while the Media Students are doing their work in progress reports.


Task 3 Q&A, Monday 26 September, 230pm (til 3ish), usual room (9.2.17).

CW Week 5 – Guest Lecture, Group Work and Script Development

Hi Websters,

A couple of things:

  1. We have a guest coming to talk to us this afternoon so please give them the respect of being on time 🙂
  2. Something’s come up and I have to take off just after the lecture, so Jeremy will be overseeing the second hour of group work, during which you’ll be encouraged to schedule a timeline for script deliveries.
  3. On Wednesday, we have our script development session, so each group (as discussed) should bring MINIMUM one script to the table.
  4. Readings: on the ‘Readings’ tab, under ‘Creative Writing’, I’ve posted a very short reading called ‘Guidelines for Script Development’.  The media students have this text too, so make sure you’re very familiar with it (some of you may have read it as part of a previous studio with me).  Also, it will probably be helpful to refresh your reading of ‘Web Series and Script Development’, particularly pages 5-9 that discuss script development in the traditional and web sense.

Great that production is nearly underway!  See you all this afternoon 🙂

Monday Week 5 – Guest Lecture

Just a reminder that this coming Monday we have Evan Munro-Smith, Director of the excellent ABC iView series ‘Sammy J’s Playground Politics’, coming in to give a guest lecture.
Evan will cover a lot of topics that are directly relevant to you and your group right now, so please be sure to arrive on time (in fact, 5 minutes early) to class so that we can make the most of the session.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get insight from someone who is established in the industry, and ask any questions to help with your own projects in this studio.
Also, be sure to watch some episodes of Sammy J’s Playground Politics before then!
Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday, ready for 2:30PM.