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Thanks, Creative Writers!

Thanks to those who came to our final writers’ session today, and to everyone for a great semester.

As you’ll see here on the next most recent post, a screening of the pilots is potentially planned for Monday 24 October, 2.30-5.30 – so keep checking back here for further details.

For those who didn’t come today (or even those who did) here are the prompts I supplied for discussion – I’m posting them here as possible starting points for individual blog posts for those playing catch-up, or those looking to make one or two more to round off their reflections:

  1. What have you discovered about the writer’s (or writers’) role in the production process?
  2. (Related perhaps to 1.) Discuss one positive experience as a screenwriter collaborating with screen producers.
  3. Discuss one negative experience as above.
  4. How did your group’s collaborative writing process work (or not!)?
  5. Discuss something that happened that you didn’t anticipate.
  6. What did your group do differently (if anything) for this being a project to be distributed online?
  7. What future do you see for this group of collaborators and/or the series?

All the best for the final production session on Wednesday.

Finally, a reminder that Assessments 1.3 and 3 need to be posted to your blogs by Friday 11.59pm – look forward to reading them!

Edit suites

Just letting you all know that I have booked edit suites 14-19 for our Wednesday sessions, so you all have right of way in these suites – if anyone is in there kindly let them know that we have them booked for a class, and refer them to the booking system on the PC opposite the techs.