Studio Activities – week 9, Session B

strong>Project 4 probes and what the group plans to produce should be in place to proceed with making the prototype. If there is still confusion then blog entries should be produced for discussion in the week 9 – Session B studio.

With only 4 weeks to go until submissions groups should be starting with the production of their prototype. This could be planning (drawings) on paper, schematic diagrams (digital), wireframes and some preliminary tests and explorations. All this material is valuable in regards to sharing with the studio group for feedback.

Time in this studio session can also be used for group progress discussion, planning and making.

Portfolio project

The aim is to review the progress on this project – to provide an indication of how students are progressing towards the submission in week 13. This involves:

i. Sharing as a group what people have been doing on their blogs.
ii. Raising questions about what is expected in relation to the assessment.
ii. Devising a list of things that could be done to improve this project for assessment

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