Portfolio essay notes


The Portfolio essay (1000 words) is written in a blog entry. In your individual assessment doc it is added as a Portfolio section and has one link to the essay blog entry.


Portfolio essay – link to blog entry

It is personal and more informal that the report. It does not necessarily have a reference list. The Portfolio essay is informed by the key question:

How has my practice changed over the duration of the semester in this studio? What have I learnt?

You would be thinking about all the practices you have engaged with in the studio:

Case Study analysis
Practice-based research (Practice-led research; theory-led research)
Experimental video practices
Reflection – blogging, documenting processes, writing your thinking out, learning how to use reflection to solve issues and problems as they arise in your practice and the research inquiry …

You would be considering how these practices have changed the way you conduct yourself as a media professional. For instance, what did you learn from the sketching process? Did you like it? Was it useful? How would you do it differently next time? These questions could be applied to all the varying activities you have engaged with in the studio.

In this essay written as a blog entry, you would be linking to previous reflection blog entries that you made that demonstrate/back up some of the changes you are discussing.

You could also include a short list of specific blog entries after the essay that you want your teacher to look at, if you cannot link all of them into the essay itself.

Remembering that this essay is being used to summarise the reflections you have made using your blog, over the duration of the semester. The aim is to highlight moments that have been important to you, in relation to using reflection to develop your skills and knowledge as a media practitioner.

It is being used to help your teacher assess the blog category you have created for this studio, and your ability to reflect on your practice.

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