Studio Activities – Wk 10, Session B

There is only two more weeks of studio sessions left to go, which is 4 sessions. Therefore, make sure you make the most of the time in the studios and bring any questions you have regarding the remaining Project 4, Portfolio briefs and Exhibition in wk 14.

The following notes are for the Wk 10, Session B studio. Check them out in advance and bring any queries you have to the session.

Things to be focusing on:

Project 4:


In regards to finalising your 40% project/prototype to lift things up to the end point of the studio. Keep in mind presenting your outcomes to the whole of the media cohort at the exhibition in week 14. This means working on developing something that you are interested in presenting.

A draft iteration of your prototype – the sooner you get onto making this happen, the easier it will be to refine it for submission and presentation in the exhibition.

Reflections/blog entries/report

Ongoing reflections that accompany each iteration (or other material) associated with the development of your prototype. (these reflections/blog entries – “explain technically how they were made, along with any issues that occurred and how you iteratively responded to problems to progress your practice inquiry”).

Thinking about and preparing your 1000 word report on the final prototype you produce.

A key point to remember is that this report focuses on a response to the studio prompt – so write directly to that question – How can video, computers and the network be used to redefine online video practices? Use your own practice (what you have experienced) making the sketches and prototype, in combination with connections to theory (the readings). A key thing I am looking for here is your own thinking in regards to a response rather than regurgitating the readings. In the short word count aim for one idea and reference a few readings you know well rather than spreading it to thin. Propose an idea and write around it using your practice and the theory as a way to provide evidence… (demonstrate your understanding of your idea in relation to the practice and theory). Include an appropriate bibliography. Think about your reader – provide some context up front i.e. new media, online video practice, narrative/non-narrative, form…what you explored in regards to the online video practice you chose to explore…

Look at the blog entry and video on critical reflection.


The presentation will have the following format ‘Project 4/Prototype Presentation‘. With this format in mind work on refining the title of Project 4 and your probe as you go. Also, think about collecting lots of images of your work-in-progress, as these will be curated into your presentation, and used to demonstrate what you made, and how it works.

Portfolio brief

First of all it is good to be reminded that this Portfolio brief is the only individual assessment item in the studio. A good approach to this task would be to draft an essay before the end of week 12 so you can get feedback from your teacher.

For the Portfolio task – by this point in the semester you would have completed on top of your reflections on each sketch you made for Projects 2 & 3 at least one or more additional reflection blog entries each week. (As discussed at the beginning of the semester and reiterated here in the blog entry PORTFOLIO reflections.

These reflections are described in the Portfolio project brief:

An important part of conducting a professional media practice is the ability to reflect on processes and problems as they occur. This reflection involves learning to articulate thinking using written text, drawings, photos and audiovisual documentation. It is expected that these reflections will be self-initiated and include responses to exercises in the studio.

The expectation to finalise this project is to write a (1000 word essay) in a blog entry that provides a summary of the reflections you have completed. A key objective of this essay is to summarise what you have put forward for this Portfolio project for your teacher. In other words your teacher should be able to use this essay to get a sense of the following:

1. Your ability to reflect on your practice and creative research.
2. An idea of how much work you have put into this project. Have reflections been done regularly each week? Are they articulating thinking as issues and problems arise? Do the reflections consider practice, theory and most importantly developments occurring in the person’s professional practice? Do the reflections go beyond the set course material? Is this student using extra research into practice and theory to clarify what is expected – understand what they are doing? (Therefore, you may write/integrate blog entries into your essay – using quotes and links to those entries).

How is this essay different from the Project 4 report?

It is not as formal in regards to links to theory.

It is more personal in relation to how your own practice has changed through the process of engaging with the studio.

A key objective of this essay is to make links with what has been done (the portfolio blog entries) and use it as a gateway to that work, for your teacher. Your teacher will use this essay as the first point to assess this project and then look at all your blog entries as a secondary point. Therefore, make sure you categorise your OVE studio blog entries and have it set up so it is easy for the teacher to look at what has been done as a whole.

Can I use reflections on sketches to demonstrate my ability to reflect on my practice?

Yes, by all means, if you think some of these reflections provide really useful evidence of your ability to reflect, then include them. But, remember your teacher is also looking for the additional individual reflections you have been asked to complete as part of the Portfolio brief.

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