Project 4/Prototype Presentation

The presentation for Project 4 in week 12, Session B will have the following format. Each group will be expected to present their creative research in wk 14. This presentation will primarily be used to aid the assessment of this project when it is fully submitted at the end of wk 13.

Presentation format:

With 9 groups each group will have 10 minutes (to duration). A tip would be to use the draft of your report to help prepare this presentation.

Your audiovisual presentation will cover the following:

1. Title (that sets up your project in advance – indicates to the audience what you have worked on…)
2. The question/’design probe’ framing your research. (Which includes your the type of online video practice you are working from…)
3. Evidence/What? Describe your project – what it is (the prototype). how it works. how it was made…
4. Evaluation – a brief overview of the proposition you plan to raise in your report in the evaluation section.

Images/video of your choice in regards to content and number, and what you want to present in...

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