Wk 3 – PROJECT ONE notes

1. Finalise the groups as pairs ASAP.

2. In pairs, bring together the ideas that have emerged out of the PROJECT ONE case studies. Clarify what you will both explore in these first sketches by drafting a short statement/sentence (a concept) to guide the investigation, which will be refined for the presentation next week.

3. To clarify your written concept read the new media and narrative readings – write a paragraph on each reading to demonstrate that you understand it in relation to the context of the studio. Remember the main aim of the studio is to investigate hybrid narrative/non-narrative forms of online video – and the studio prompt guiding all this…is – How can video, computers and the network be used to redefine online video practices? (send me a draft of your concept if you need clarification – i.e post it in your blog with notes and send the URL link of the entry) – https://www.mediafactory.org.au/2015-online-video-experiments/readings/

4. Decide how you will work together in regards to completing the sketches and preparing the presentation. ie each person makes 5 sketches or you make them all together – whatever works in your collaboration.

5. With the deadline for assessment next week – make as many sketches as you can before this Friday. (NB at a minimum get at least your concept drafted and 1-2 done before Friday for feedback and to check you are on track with the project)

6. Working from your concept statement one way to approach the sketches is to devise additional sentence that can guide each sketch from your concept statement. What you are doing is deconstructing your case study by making sketches that are informed by it…

7. Upload your sketches to Vimeo (rather than YouTube) or place them directly in your blog as entries with links if you are not making linear video sketches. Reflect on what you make as you go in your blogs under each embed/blog post. Be careful to document the complexities of what you are doing while it is fresh in your mind so it can be used to inform the presentation.

Finally, PROJECT ONE has a value of 15% and is used to get you into the sketching process so be bold and try things out. What I am looking for to do well in this project:

a. an understanding of the https://www.mediafactory.org.au/2015-online-video-experiments/readings/”>studio context (that this project is about an exploration of form over content)
b. an understanding of the production constraints (i.e. what you have to work with in regards to timeframe and resources.
c. a demonstration of the ability to explore possibilities and take and innovative approach towards investigating and idea (your devised concept)….