Studio – week 7

Session A

These are the things that are required from the Friday discussion.

1. One group email sent to me which contains a link/URL to a blog entry that finalises a draft of theprobe you will use to guide your Project Three sketches. Included in this blog entry is an additional link to your 3 things of interest that you produced in week 6. (please note all these requested blog entries are part of your Portfolio task).

2. With time short until Project Three is due for presentation and assessment – Friday April 24, 10.30 am. By Monday your group should have devised list of sketches to make.

Ideally your group would have started to make some sketches to explore the viability of your probe and whether your probe provides the scope you need to make multiple sketches. I encourage you to bring any developments you have to the studio for feedback and critique.

It is crucial at this point that you check that you are on track with your understanding of Project Three and what is required for assessment.

The upcoming presentation criteria for week 7 & 8 will be workshopped and clarified.

Session B

The main focus of Session B in wk 7 is the submission and presentation of your Project Three outcomes, for preliminary assessment.

Also, this studio session will be used to prepare material for the mid-semester panel review in Session A, wk 8.

The Project Three presentation criteria is available in this blog entry. The presentation has been designed around what is required for the wk 8 mid-semester critique. The idea is to use this session and these presentations to prepare to get the most out of the panel critique.

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