02 Readings (to be Done by Class Three)

Design Fiction

Design is about changing what is, so is forward looking. What does it mean for you to think of yourselves (even now) as doing things that can effect change, as media knowledge makers, and students, rather than reporting back what you already know? Design fiction is a method used in design research and practice, it is what is influencing the idea to write ‘speculatively’ in our wiki.


Bosch, Torie. “Sci-Fi Writer Bruce Sterling Explains the Intriguing New Concept of Design Fiction.” Slate. Web. 29 July 2013. (PDF)

Ward,, Matthew. “Design Fiction as Pedagogic Practice.” Medium. Web. 29 July 2013. (PDF)

Maybe One Of

Both of these are very academic, situating design fiction in the context of design research. YMMV.

Grand, Simon, and Martin Wiedmer. “Design Fiction: A Method Toolbox for Design Research in a Complex World.” Proceedings of the Design Research Society Conference. 2010. (PDF)

This is a difficult read. Part 2 you can skip unless you’re into the history and philosophy of science, or might be. Part 3 has abstract discussion about what the ‘toolbox’ needs to have, which is useful, if you can follow the abstractions (or ask about them).

KNUTZ, EVA, THOMAS MARKUSSEN, and POUL RIND CHRISTENSEN. “The Role of Fiction in Experiments Within Design, Art & Architecture.” n. pag. Print. (PDF)