Premiere Pro: Keyboard shortcuts

I’ve never really bothered to learn keyboard shortcuts before. I’ve always used ‘I’ and ‘O’ in Premiere to set the in and out points on a video, but that’s about all I knew before this course. Over the semester I’ve learnt important shortcuts like using ‘K’,’J’ and ‘L’ to scroll through a video, using ‘,’ to insert footage into the timeline, using command+’N’ to create a new sequence or command+’B’ to create a new bin, and using ‘V’ to get the selection tool, and ‘C’ to get the razor tool. These are obviously useful, if only to save time when editing. There is another really cool one though that I’ve only learnt very recently, which is using ‘~’ to get full screen versions of the window you’re working in. This is so useful, because it really allows you to see what you’re editing/the effects you’re having on a video without having to rearrange the workspace, and is really useful for showing a work-in-progress to someone without exporting a draft or making them watch a tiny window. I really like this one. Control+’~’ makes the video full screen too.


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