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We are now being asked to comment on the blog posts of others on a weekly basis… Okay…

Honestly, I find this a strange and forced thing to do, as although I understand and appreciate the encouragement to now engage with the blogs of others in the course, it is difficult to criticise and reflect on fellow students. What credibility do I have that allows me to do this? So instead, I’m just going to point out some things I liked…

I like Ellen’s post about the last symposium, focussing – as I did – on the discussion surrounding VCE and its suggested outdatedness, and how the nature of exams force a student to cram information in which then causes them to forget most of it afterwards, hinting that this is perhaps not the best mode of “learning”.

In this post, George talks about the ability of an online hoax to fool a number of people if it is presented in a format we are accustomed to presenting factual information, despite the unbelievability of the “facts” themselves.

And finally, in an older post but one I relate to a lot, Sam discusses the move from physical to digital in terms of the media, and why many people might prefer to own and collect physical copies of things they could just as easily keep as a digital copy.


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  1. i think writing about things you liked in others work is the strongest form of critique there is. Critique doesn’t equal criticism, though it is the default position, again largely due to particular ideologies of academic merit.

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