New Obscured Wipe

After being unhappy with the last ‘obscured wipe’, I had another attempt at using After Effects to create this transition. I think this time I was slightly more successful, since I used the same setting and made the transition a bit quicker, however I still think it needs to move faster (this is extremely hard to tell in playback, and I didn’t have the time to export another video) and there’s a bit where a white block appears next to the figure walking past the frame, which is an error with the rotoscoping, and no matter what I did I wasn’t able to fix this. I tried going back and using the rotobrush tool to fix this, but I think the problem was too much feathering on this layer of the composition, and I didn’t really want to sacrifice this since it made the blur look more natural. So if I do end up continuing on with this and using this transition, I’ll need to figure this out. I do think that given the time limitations I have though, it might just be better if I figure out a way to cut so that it replicates this transition as close as possible (eg. filming this movement in both shots and cutting at a spot where the figure appears to be in the same position, or making them fill the frame and cutting there). It’s not that I wouldn’t like to perfect After Effects given time, but with only a week I think my project will look best if I find simpler solutions.


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