Reading Week one

A response to this reading:

For the reading, we were asked to come up with some questions before the next symposium. So, here it is.

1) How can we – as students – know what ‘voice’ to use in our blogs? Is it best, in our situation, to keep it professional or can we aim for a more casual or humorous tone (which I would think would make the whole blogging ‘experience’ a bit more enjoyable)?

2) If our blogs are to be used like journals for reflection and learning, are we able to spout unpopular opinions? Criticise the course and what not?

3) To what extent are we allowed to make posts unrelated to the course? Or should we always be aiming for some relevance?

4) A point is made that we need to become more aware of our online presence as potential employers and the like will be able to find and judge us by what we have put online. With this in mind, is it fair to be forcing us to create an online presence? Will you be coaching us on how to do this effectively or ‘correctly’?

5) If the internet is the future, obviously more and more platforms will become available for things such as blogging. Will the course ever consider changing platforms?



  1. Very in-depth questions Ms. Greenhalgh. I feel you have grasped this reading rather well. Keep up the good work. 😉

    • Why thank you Mr. Harmon. I appreciate the feedback, thanks for taking the time to read through my work!

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