About Me

This page has taken a long time to come about, because frankly, I don’t know much about me. I will, however, try my best to give you a vague understanding of me, whilst trying to keep this somewhat professional…

What I do know is:

My name is Kiralee Greenhalgh.

I am 19  years old, and currently studying a Bachelor of Communications (Media) at RMIT University, Melbourne.

In deciding to study media, I also considered music production, graphic design, journalism and psychology.

I am relatively (aka. not very) skilled in the fields of writing, music, photo and video editing, and to a much more basic degree, illustration and animation.  I am relatively unskilled in other fields.

In my spare time I write, draw, sleep and panic about the unknown expanse which is my future. Sometimes I even blog…

Yeah. Me. Wow.

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