notes from project 4 presentation

On Friday, my group had our final presentation for project four, and I have listed in note form the feedback given by Seth. This will help inform how we write our final report.

– argue in report: parody centred. Used to deconstruct. helps to understand online video and is a method for creating hybrid video. has helped us to do that

– no sub categories for parody – confusing. find one thing to talk about for clarity – what is the genre overall

– focus is not on channel but narrative structure and hybrid – channel is a part of this – way to “perform” this – talk about it in a way that shows that it is a part of this genre and helps to make it/show it

– series of videos is next step to this as a part of the narrative structure and working to show hybrid form

– comedy-review-parody

– we had to look at comedy channels and review channels to understand how to format our own as a parody on review channels, that also works as a comedy channel – helps to explain hybrid – talk about this

– hybrid is focus! not channel, despite this being our prototype

– this is our content: what can we say about it? was it successful? etc.

– evaluation: outline question you’re exploring


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