There’s been some issues in communication lately between my group and Seth. Nothing too bad, but still worth reflecting on here, I believe. Seth seemed to have thought there was tension between us, as my group became confused as to what the expectations were for project 4 since his feedback from group to group varies so much. But it turns out that’s just the thing. Where we were worried about considering the advice seth was giving everyone else, we really just needed to be focussing on our own, since everyone’s projects are just so different to each other. Some groups need to show a lot of working through more and more videos, whereas my group aren’t moving towards a single idea or video, but a channel, so it’s justifiable that we would start straight away with this final idea. It was good to talk this through with seth, since I was worried that we were jumping too far ahead, and that there had been miscommunication between us since seth had suggested we take out our second channel which we’d planned to have more sketchy, making of videos on, but yet he was telling other groups to do that very thing. We were worried we would not do enough and that this would effect our grade, but now that it’s been talked through, I think that we will do fine.


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