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Okay, so it’s this time again…

I like how George has attempted to answer the symposium questions himself, and feel that his opinion as a stand alone makes more sense than the jumbled opinions thrown at us in the Q&A style discussions we have… of course, it is subjective, but it’s always nice to read someone’s own, untarnished opinion – even if it’s lacking the thought process a symposium encourages.

Nethaniel offers an in-depth look in to texts, and how they have evolved in to hypertexts per their usage, ending with a link to his YouTube channel as he explains the relevance of hypertext to the world wide web.

Finally, Kenton offers a confused stance on the Ted Nelson reading, which although doesn’t present much in terms of discussion, presents Nelson’s supposed idea of hypertext through diagrams. I think a confused post is perhaps more valuable than a discussion of what you already know and understand, as I found myself asking the same questions, and it’s always nice to have confirmation that you’re not alone with this kind of thing.


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