Symposium Week 6

Can technology progress independently of art and culture?

  • what is meant by key words?
  • culture vs. technology – use of everything = technology
  • adrian: there is no culture without technology
  • to make art you need technology – dependent – development based on the use
  • Betty: yes?


What is the untapped potential of hypertext?  Will we ever be satisfied with it?

  • Ted Nelson – hypertext vs. hypermedia – problems with hypertext: links = one way
  • YouTube videos – annotations – not as successful since you have to leave video/breaks up video
  • hypertextual video
  • transclusion – eg. embedding a photo from flickr on a post, can then click the photo and see where it come form
  • should be able to see who’s writing about you or your work
  • “Therefore” to start a para in a book relies on the last paragraph – result of linear form of the medium (book) – limits hypertext
  • internet = equal distance between things
  • can have different interpretations of traditional texts, but in terms of format they are the same (eg. can’t argue that something different happens at pg. 22, but can argue meaning) – hypertext changes this – can still tell stories, but don’t have to be premised on order
  • Hypertext doesn’t work well with linear media? How you go about writing needs to change (but how does this work with all storytelling? All a mess…)
  • No planning, just start writing and connecting bits
  • Wikipedia – not a realised version of hypertext – realises it but in a closed way – two way links but only within site
  • shouldn’t have comments – should link to own blog post where you explain opinion



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