So I beat Dark Souls… Dark Souls is a super rewarding game. This is because it is punishing as a mofo. It took me about 40 hours and 8 of those was spent on one boss. Well technically it was 3 bosses for the one fight but beating that boss was like threading that needle but instead of using a thread you’ve got a sushi roll. My cousin who’d come down from Singapore to study was staying with me at the time (my room has two beds). This guy was sleeping so I’m literally playing out a stock photo. For those unfamiliar allow me to enlighten you.

And I felt like a kid too.

And I felt like a kid too.

I could feel myself getting closer every time. Every time I would die I’d silently roll onto my face and think up a silent prayer so I didn’t wake up my cousin. The end wasn’t too hard at all but by then I’d mastered the mechanics. I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for a good challenge and to those who see themselves as skilled gamers. Casual gamers can run completely in the other direction and play Windows XP pinball or something because this game is not for the light-hearted, it’s definitely not for the short tempered either. I believe the second day after the game came out the death count  worldwide was already at about 2 million… Yeah.

My life in stock photos... We know we going somewhere.

My life in stock photos… We know we going somewhere.

This game is what games are missing these days. Not saying that its completely a good thing but as a seasoned video gamer I can really appreciate the level of initiative FromSoftware (the developers) relays onto the player. Games these days have about 50 tutorials and hints popping up on the screen before you even  take a step. I understand that the video game industry has inflated and opened to various age groups so tutorials and hints are necessary to guide everyone (better safe than sorry, right?) but it can get to feel like your hand is being held a little and I just want to play, adapt and develop my skills. Dark Souls omits about 85% of the instructions and game mechanics and it takes a whole online community to gather around and help those who decide that the game is too difficult for them. Otherwise you can go in, they give you the basics and that’s it. Good luck friends. I loved that and it makes you feel really good when you down a big boss without having anyone tell you how to. Your character is exactly how you want to play and nobody can tell you otherwise. But I beat it and there’s a new game mode that ups the difficulty and enemy layout. Might put that on the back pedal for now but will definitely give it a go in the future.

My overall rating for this game?

Well I couldn't not... Shutup.

Well I couldn’t not… Shutup.