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A short summary of your work (logline), its process (coming up with an idea and how you wrote and and shot this to creatively keep within a microbudget), and what you got out of it (brief learning reflection).

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All video work published on the Studio Exhibition sites should use this Vimeo account – (Links to an external site.)

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Studio Exhibition (Online) – Week 13 Monday 29th May 1:30pm

We’re pleased to announce an exhibition of 5 film works from our studio.

These short films were all made on a microbudget and showcase creative storytelling and directing techniques that work well within the microbugdet framework.

When? Monday 29th May 1:30-2:30pm

Where? Online here

Students are reminded that attending the studio and participating (eg. providing encouragement and feedback via the chat) will form 5% of your mark for Assessment 5.2


Welcome to Art of the Microbudget


You’ll post your Assessment #5.1 posts to this site. All info on our studio below:

‘I think we can find solutions. And that limitation, that solution, is actually going to define us as a filmmaker, to allow us to find creative solutions that are going to be essential in forming our voice.’
– Chloe Zhao, Academy-Award Winning Director, ‘Nomadland’, ‘The Rider’
Source: to an external site.


Studio Prompt:
How can the limitations of microbudget filmmaking, enhance the creativity of a film outcome? How can we employ style, genre, and character to successfully produce a short film that costs next to nothing?

Studio Description:
Microbudget filmmaking has become more feasible and achievable with the advent of technology, meaning filmmakers can take creativity into their own hands through inventive storytelling that utilises the parameters of a small budget to great outcomes.

Films like Chloe Zhao’s ‘The Rider’, Rodrigo Cortés’ ‘Buried’, Oren Peli’s ‘Paranormal Activity’, Gustav Möller’s ‘The Guilty’, and Aneesh Chaganty’s ‘Searching’ all consider use of limited cast, locations, and filming style to produce a successful and engaging film, and we’re going to investigate how they do it. From pre-production, through to post-production.

In a process of reverse engineering, once we better understand the production process and parameters for a microbudget film, you’ll then write, direct and edit your very own microbudget short film – using the knowledge you’ve acquired to empower you to take your filmmaking into your own hands without having it cost the earth!

The aim is that students leave this studio empowered with the knowledge of the production process to make smart creative choices for their early career film projects that can still be creatively bold whilst remaining on a realistic budget.