*insert image here via ADD MEDIA button above*

A short summary of your work (logline), its process (coming up with an idea and how you wrote and and shot this to creatively keep within a microbudget), and what you got out of it (brief learning reflection).

*Embedded link to the final work here (housed on the MediaFactory Vimeo account) – use ADD MEDIA button above, then Insert Embed Code*

Instructions to upload to Vimeo and include embedded link:

All video work published on the Studio Exhibition sites should use this Vimeo account – (Links to an external site.)

  1. Use VIMEO 720HD – instructions  here   (Links to an external site.)NO FILES LARGER THAN (let’s start with a limit of 400mb – don’t stress if its a little larger than that)
  2. Go  Vimeo Upload Links to an external site.
  3. Then log in using:
    1. email:
    2. password:!
  4.  Where it says ‘Media Factory’ change it from ‘Media Factory Admin Owner‘  to ‘Media Factory Contributor’
  5. And where it says ‘Video Manager‘ select ‘CURRENT STUDENT WORK
  6. Upload
  7. Title: Enter the title of the work
  8. Description: Enter the name/s of the makers followed by the Synopsis or Description
  9. Make sure you press Save
  10. On Art of Microbudget site when creating your #5.1 post click Add Media, then Add Embed Code
  11. On your Vimeo page where your film uploaded click the ‘Embed’ button top right to get the code to copy and paste.


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