#5.2 Art of the microbudget- Amanda

Assignment 5.2 – Amanda Kezia Tanderitz

From my studio, the film called as “True Friend or Fake Friend” by Peiwen Wen was very interesting for me. Just from the name you would know what the story is about. Everything about the film was delivered very well. The film is very easy to understand and very simple. A film that shows two ‘friends’ who live together as a roommate but with different ways of living. One loves the house to be clean while the other one does no respect her roommate hard work in cleaning the house. This film has also showed how the process really save a lot of budgets. I can really see that the location used are exactly the place where Peiwen is living. The camera which gives a very good quality also looks like do not cost any money as from the angles in the film showed how they have used one camera or maybe just two cameras. The actress of the film which played by herself has also proven how this film is a microbudget as well as her friend who played the role as her roommates. Overall, this short film has truly saved so much budget but showing the best result for people to enjoy. The dialogue, sound, and camera are really enjoyable to watch.

Next, the film made by Xinran Wang, Reconciliation has also attracted my attention. A story about a girl who gets pressure from her mom. I think this topic is very sensitive yet powerful to young adults. Nowadays young adults might experience this a lot which mean this film is very easy to relate and interesting for young adults. From the film, I can also see how this film was made by microbudget. The film shows a few scenes where she is in her room or in her house which proves how she has saved money for the location cost and she used public space such as the beach which I think it was very smart. the beach shows how depressed she is and lost. The quality of the camera is also good and sound as well. To conclude, Reconciliation is a story which everyone can relate and very touching. It has also successfully proved that microbudget film can be great too if a lot of effort and creativity being put in.

The other studio is the poetic video studio. I have seen a few videos from this studio and there is a video named ‘Where It Went Wrong’ made by Abi Upson and Bri Richards which attracts my attention because of the style of the video. Throughout the video, it was a black and white screen. In the film, they used an angle as if it is what the girl is seeing which is very creative. Also, just like the title of the film, this film basically shows about the problem that this girl has with her boyfriend. They have made the boy into such a bad boy character and treat his girlfriend very disrespectful and dangerous. I do not know what poetic videos are supposed to be. However, I am assuming that this video is supposed to be a video that shows some artistic, or poetic. And I also think that this film has successfully shown the artistic and poetic kind of story and style.

The last film from the poetic video studio is the one titled “Echo” which made and by Lu Galante, Emma Kennedy, and Liam Johnston. This film attracts me because of the name. Echo can be related with sound and thus make me wonder how it can be made into a film. After watching the video, I am not sure what the storyline was but I love how dramatic the dance is and the music used for the dance. Even the camera angles are just so satisfying to see. This film shows the mysterious which make me as an audience to be curious. Overall, this film has also shown the poetic side.


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