I watched Ready Camera one, I watched the assignments of four groups, this is my analysis of these four videos.
This is the work of aashna-khurana. This work is about a story about Lucy. This story is about Art healing the protagonist. This story makes me feel very relaxed and healed. I think this story makes me feel very concise and clear. It makes me very comfortable to read. In daily life, I can also use many different methods to let go of my stress. Take it easy on yourself. The shooting method is also very life-like, which makes people feel unobtrusive.
Rescue is a video shot by Yixuan Huang. In his video, I think his content is very suitable because this is about network security. Every smart device may have personal information leaked. His shooting technique is very unique, used to support some of his stories in the video, the stories are very complete and unique. It makes people feel that network security is very important, and how everyone needs to get out of the path he chooses. I think his videos are very exciting. His editing technique is also eye-catching, and each breakpoint is very appropriate, making people feel that the smoothness of the video is very good.

I watched the Privilege quiz video and it was very interesting. The professionalism of the two hosts chosen by the creator is also very good. The speech is very fluent. It doesn’t feel like reading a manuscript. They are very humorous, which makes me feel more integrated into the video. The participants in the video And the host is also very integrated. The judgment rules are also very good, and the questions are also realistic. But they can also invite some viewers to be an atmosphere group below to make the show more atmospheric. In this case, the whole program will be very different. In their shots, I feel that their shots are a little bit blurry, but it’s still good.
In the video of The Improv Games, I feel that this video will be better than the previous one, because most of this video is about the watch industry and talk shows, the host is very energetic, and the whole show is also very lively. The participation rate is also very good, and it is very interesting to see people outside the venue speaking. I think this is very eye-catching, but, I think it still lacks some sense of atmosphere in terms of numbers. I hope to see laughter and applause from the audience. The fluency of the host’s speech is very good, I like this feeling very much.

I watched the works of the two groups of Ready Camera one. I think Privilege quize and The Improv games are very good. These two groups are micro-budget shows. I think I like The improv games more. I think they are this group. It’s more interesting and energetic, and I think what they do is very popular with the audience. I feel that the shooting of these two groups is quite good, and I feel that they are in line with my feeling.

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