‘Runway’ was inspired by my friend, who was sewing a dress together during the lockdown. The piece reveals the story through visuals and narration, documenting the simple clothes-making process before transforming into a high-end fashion show. Immersing you in a world of lights, cameras, glitter, and glamour as a group of models hit the runway.

The overall filmmaking process was different from how I usually produce videos. This is because it was completed at home rather than out on location. Initially, this proved to be a challenge as I did not have access to a lot of props and was unable to film as many people due to the current restrictions. However, this forced me to think outside of the box while encouraging me to be a bit more inventive with the things I create. I got a lot out of this assignment and have learnt that films do not have to be typical narratives; instead, they can be both abstract and unconventional. I tend to use literal footage in the videos I develop; however, over this semester, I have realised that being more experimental in my filmmaking can result in something unique and different.

By Megan Nicholson

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