Someone Noticed – Tessa Riseley


This piece is possibly best described as an inquisitive film, as it is a product of inquiry into the functions of film and the means by which these are constructed. It serves so as to explore the relationship between time, context and habitual ways of thinking with respect to the representation of events and how an audience may interpret the representation of an event. There is no explicit narrative for the film, instead the piece is motivated by the actions of the subject and one’s subjective experience of these actions. 

In making this film, I found myself being pushed beyond my comfort zone for the purpose of representing an objective reality while addressing the impact of subjectivity. Typically, in making media, I have a strong preference for enhancing subjective experience. In light of this, and of the fact that any experience of an objective event is subjective, I sought to explore how one may construct an objective representation of the world through the exploitation and celebration of the subjective. In other words, how the overlap and interplay between subjective perspectives gives rise to objectivity.

This piece was an exercise of experiment and enabled me to realise my own rigid conventions when it came to my preferred means of producing art and content, particularly in video form. The film is a capsule of my thinking related to media making at the time of production, of my understanding of a person with whom I am no longer close and how my experiences impact my perceptions of people and the world. It is rustic and deliberately unpolished. It is, to me, real.


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