Land of Dreams – Emily Nicholson

Land of Dreams‘ is a short experimental drama film about escaping reality and the monotony of life in isolation. It follows two women who use dance to break free from their repetitious lives and enter a world full of colour, hope, and wonder. A place where anything is possible. It was inspired by my experience in lockdown and the longing for freedom, human connection, and new experiences.

The filmmaking process was different from what I have been accustomed to. Due to the current restrictions, I had to work on my own and had to film within the confines of my home, which was challenging at times. However, this was not a disadvantage as it gave me more creative freedom and allowed me to explore themes and techniques that I have not in the past. During this process, I also discovered that there are endless possibilities when making films, and they can take on many different forms. Films can be non-linear, do not need to use dialogue, can explore uncommon subject matter, and do not need to follow a generic formula. I kept this in mind while creating this project, which I believe has resulted in an unconventional outcome.   

Made by Emily Nicholson   


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