Translating Observation – Morning Routine from Media Factory on Vimeo.

The video is an adoptation of several observation writings produced as part of the media studio “Tranlating Observations” during the semester. It depicts the morning routine of two brothers, and through their similarities, differences and interactions, shows a sense of subtle brotherly love that is deeply integrated in their everyday lives.

During the production, one of the main challenges that incurred was how to shoot and present these observations as naturally as possible, as these observations are based on real life, and should be present so. Therefore, some of my main focus include the use of sound, music, narration or lack thereof; how to present the relationship between the brothers and show their connection through matching actions, contrast of behaviors; and how to incorporate the different observation writings into one story, yet not lose the message of the story itself. The process of making this observational short film eventually became a great learning experience in writing observation writings and scripts for grounded, natural settings, striving for balances between different storylines, and creating meaningful connection through editing of visual and sound.

Hope you enjoy!


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