8:30am – Eleanor Holloway



8:30am  Is a series of vignettes documenting the ever-looming deadline of trying to get out the front door on time in the morning. With each scenario comes a way for time to distort before our eyes, and slip away.

This piece was based on a real recurring nightmare in which I take endless hours to get ready for school, and by the time I have managed to tie my shoes, the school day is already over. I wanted to incorporate this feeling of distress in different ways for each scene, making a film that encapsulates a seemingly skewed passage of time. I felt deeply inspired by a lot of the films we looked at to this semester and was excited to apply this, in voice (or lack of), editing, and perspectives. Creating an individualistic yet cohesive stream of mini-scenes was a challenge but I had great fun it making it happen.

By Eleanor Holloway

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