Project 3 Sketch 1 – Interacting with the gaming environment

In this sketch I was looking at the concept of ‘observation’. In most games we’re limited by the amount and type of content we observe, hence I’ve decided to move from the linearity of Counter Strike and onto a much more diverse, open world game – Grand Theft Auto V. This sketch is a rather simple one, I’ve decided to see how I can interact with the environment more. This also falls into an idea we look at consisting of ‘planning’ within a gaming video, how we can utilize the way the game is made to be played and see if we can create something given the restrictions placed upon us rather than being forced to do things as they come – this notion of unpredictability.

It felt much more difficult to do things ‘entertaining’ on purpose in a game however because games are meant to be unpredictable, that’s what makes it enjoyable to play and the same applies when making a video within a game – some events can’t be planned and things would work much better if things were simply observed where afterwards it’d be only a matter of picking out certain moments to showcase, moments of spontaneity and randomness.

Taken from this sketch, I’ve decided to steer away from the whole ‘planning’ idea in a gaming video and have decided to let things play out, seeing what kind of events and moments may take place.

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