Anime Vs. Manga

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and we were discussing how an original anime such as Ano Hana would always be better than if someone created a manga of it and vise versa, if an anime is created based on manga, the manga’ll most likely be better. Now this kind of got me thinking, manga allows for a much more vivid art style which anime can’t replicate but anime provides a sort of story telling medium that can’t be replicated by manga or live action. I guess anime is more captivating to audiences because they don’t have to bother with analyzing the images and reading but in my opinion, to create an anime such as Ano Hana for example, rather than trying to incorporate every aspect of manga into the anime such as art style, the story needs to be much more thought out and planned, such as Code Geass. In the end though both mediums of storytelling appeals to different kinds of people, but i’d say that the majority of really great animes come from authors able to create both a unique, captivating story and back it up with their own unique art style.


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