A Heroine Without A Hero


A Heroine Without A Hero  from Media Factory

A Heroine Without A Hero 

When Emi was about to celebrate her 3rd daughter’s sweet 17th birthday, out of the blue, her husband was struck by a heart attack and passed away. Haunted by stress and pain that is inflicted within her, she held it in and tried her best to be strong for her daughters until one day she decided to move on and seek a brighter future ahead. This 5 minutes documentary will focus on Emi’s survival on being a single parent, as well as depicting the importance of a family. 


Emi Hamdjah

A Film By

Callista Louis


Tenderness – Benjamin Tissot 

Once Again – Benjamin Tissot 

Supervising Producer

Rohan Spong

Created as part of 

Real to Reel Studio, School of Media and Communication, RMIT, 2020


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