In a pandemic stricken world where safety is paramount, many are considering their personal and professional security: but not Peter Grigg. After a 40-year career in project management, Peter left behind the corporate world to step into the foreign landscape of small business ownership, buying up a small cafe on the Mornington Peninsula with his wife. Spurred on by his passion for people, Peter took a dive into the deep end, embracing the challenges of a totally new professional world. “CHANGE” is a  5-minute documentary that explores the value of taking risks and pursuing your passions: regardless of the obstacles.





Featuring Peter Grigg

A film by Lachlan Flannigan


With thanks to

Paul Ritchard

Adam Farrington-Williams

The Sandbar Cafe Mount Eliza


Supervising Producer

Rohan Spong


Created as part of 

Real to Reel studio

School of Media and Communication






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