The Sound of Broken Music

Synopsis: Twenty-eight-year-old Simon Naulty is the front man and songwriter for heavy metal band Putrescent Seepage and alternative folk band Dark Green Skeletons. As live music in Melbourne comes to screeching halt during the height of COVID-19, he begins working as a laborer. Unfortunately for Simon things take a turn for the worst. Simon was involved in a workplace accident that has left him injured, bored and alone. The Sound of Broken Music is a 4-minute documentary which depicts Simon’s traumatic experience getting back into playing music.


The Sound of Broken Music


Featuring Simon Naulty


A film by Stephanie Savage


Archive footage and photographs

Simon Naulty’s personal collection




Composed by Putrescent Seepage


‘Raisin Toast’

Composed by Dark Green Skeletons



Composed by Dark Green Skeletons


‘Dark Element 1’

Composed by Epidemic Sound


‘Construction Site 2’

Composed by Epidemic Sound


With thanks to 
Paul Ritchard and Adam Farrington-Williams for their invaluable criticism

Supervising Producer

Rohan Spong

Created as part of 

Real to Reel studio

School of Media and Communication



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