What creative and technical challenges arise whilst capturing the real world? And, what are the various ways that non-fiction materials can be arranged for different outcomes?


In Real to Reel, students will engage in a variety of studio activities (including screenings, discussion, practical exercises, reflective tasks and media production) to explore the various ways in which non fiction materials can be arranged for different outcomes and audiences.

The first half of the semester finds students researching and reflecting on various approaches to capturing the real world. In class, students will respond to the work of practitioners such as filmmakers Frederick Wiseman and Molly Dineen and photographers Eve Arnold and Martin Parr in a series of in class exercises. Along the way, students will evaluate and improve their media production skills.

The second half of the semester finds students working in small groups to devise, pitch and produce a major work (such as a short documentary of 5 minutes duration, a 6-7 minute audio work or a 1500 word photo essay containing 20-30 images).

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