Paul and the Bundy hall

Paul and the Bundy Hall from rmitmedia on Vimeo.


The Bundy hall grew derelict and largely unused since its establishment in 1954. The once quintessential community venue ran into tough times in 2012 with the local council closing its doors, seemingly forever. After a lot of community fundraising and people like Paul volunteering the doors were re-opened, however, the hard work didn’t stop there. Paul has dedicated his time, effort and labour to bring the establishment back to a functioning location for the surrounding community to enjoy music and events every week. Paul and the Bundy Hall is a short documentary piece that depicts hard work paying off and the important sense of community that exists within the rural areas of East Gippsland

Production Credits

featuring Paul Versteden

A film by Lachlan Knowles

Archive footage and photographs

Paul Versteden- personal collection

Matt (Chicken) McGuiness – personal collection


‘Happy Rock’ and ‘Acoustic Breeze’

Composed by Benjamin Tissot

With thanks to

Matt (Chicken) McGuiness

The Bundy Hall Committee

The live at the Bundy Committee

Supervising Producer

Rohan Spong

Created as part of

Real to Reel studio

School of Media and Communication



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