Copyright, Notes, Confusion

Karlee gets a Flickr account (you get a terabyte free, a terabyte) and realises there are lots of images with creative commons licences that means you can use them. There’s music out there too peoples. Kiralee with a summary of the symposium, and then a link to an article about the Australian government’s current thinking about piracy.

Jamie is worried, the aim here is to mitigate this. Online is public, it is like standing in Flinders Street station at 5:30 on Friday afternoon yelling very loudly. If you say stupid stuff, people will think you’re stupid. If you say offensive stuff, people will be offended. It really isn’t any more complicated than that. Copyright, let people know where you got it from, embed from other services (YouTube, sound cloud, Flickr, and so on), and respect the rights available. You want to change the rules? Then share you stuff the way you want to be able to share others. Which would be my comment to Kenton, critical opinion is good, rants and uninformed opinion isn’t and shouldn’t happen in a university, so you really can’t get defamed for saying what you think if its well argued and evidenced.