#1 Symposium Pandemonium

Oh the good old days when hash tags used to stand for an unspaced phrase prefixed with numbers to indicate orders. I can get nostalgic at times. Anyway I should probably start writing something relevant to the actual title but then again there is the word ” Pandemonium” in the title but I digress. Today’s symposium/Q&A or whatever they call it raised a couple of discussions that made me cautious about every word I type on this blog. With the ever present threat of being sued from an offshore lawyer on my mind I wonder why people even have these outlets when the ramifications for an intentional infringement. I guess it’s the basic human desire to be heard and to have a place within society. Defamation is something that many people don’t consider when posting online because to me anyway, we have a sense of entitlement that we can say anything we want and get away with it because it’s just our opinion. The cause of that sense of entitlement may be because of our exposure to American media because in those scenarios they have the defense of freedom of speech. In our case we have no such thing and neither do most countries. On the other hand we can be critical of something and actually back up our view rather than just clicking caps lock and absolutely go to town with our expansive crude vocabulary. I guess what I took from today’s symposium is that the web is very one sided when it comes to legal matters. As publishers we are solely responsible for what appears on out platforms and if someone is offended or feels that I have committed a breach, I don’t argue with then or else I’ll be paying damages until I’m six feet under. Seriously though people got fined an enormous amount of money and being a student I’m already poor enough.

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Let the Chaotic times roll.

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