Reflections on weekly readings.

‘Network Literacy: The New Path to Knowledge’ Adrian Miles

Once again, this particular reading was quite thought provoking. The example given at the beginning of the piece (student ‘Penny’ going to the library in search of information regarding a particular topic) was interesting as it went into much detail about our thought process and the way we operate and acknowledge protocol when we collect and reference information.

Miles then goes on to talk about network literacy and its importance in society today. Whilst reading, I found myself considering how much more confident I am with something such as print literacy, as opposed to network literacy, which is relatively foreign n to me. It then occurred to me that this is a bit of an issue, as so much of our sharing and exchanging of information is done online these days, and many people remain unaware of the rules and protocols that regulate this environment.

There is an enormous number of resources at our finger tips and its important we know how to recognise and draw from them!

‘Blogs in Media Education: A Beginning’

I found that this particular reading really substantiated  and summarised what was said in both the lecture and tute this week. As a technology rookie, I am without a doubt daunted by the concepts and technical elements involved in blogging. However, I can absolutely see the benefit, as outlined in the reading. We, as media students, are attempting to break into an industry where new technologies, mediums and concepts are constantly being invented and reinvented to better allow us to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Blogging not only provides us with the technical skills to keep up with this development, but encourages us to stay connected to the wild, ever changing whirlwind of hashtags, tweets and unnecessary cleavage shots. Furthermore, it motivates us as students to maintain a more professional presence online, and use these communications tools for the better.  As terrified and technologically disabled as I am, I absolutely agree with what has been said in this weeks reading. Blogging for the win!

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