Random anecdotes I am hoping are vaguely relevant.

The Oracle of Bacon

The Oracle of Bacon is a brilliant demonstration of the pure scale of the online network, an awesome example used by Adrain in this week’s symposium.

Can you find more than four?

Its a struggle!

Spring has Sprung

This is a photo I took yesterday.

Interestingly enough, after seeing this little dandelion just doing it thing I felt compelled to take a photo of it.

It really got me thinking.

Something so small and insignificant, and yet so intricate and beautiful, not unlike a network! A tiny ecosystem operating under a set of common conventions. Networks are everywhere!

Cutting Community TV

I was totally shocked to hear about the governments choice to eliminate Community Tv as of end 2015.

However, the claim that they will be moving online was definitely interesting. I think this choice will dramatically effect our ability as students to publish our work on TV and gain experience in the TV industry. Yet, the shift to online programs may in fact actually benefit us as the internet is undoubtedly becoming the most popular television and film medium. There are definitely two sides to this story, as on one hand this choice definitely limits young people and particularly uni students (such as those working with Channel 31), but on the other hand, perhaps it is helping to pave the way for the inevitable internet generation.

‘Captains of Industry’

Visited an internet cafe today ‘Captains of Industry’.

Got me thinking about the concept of internet cafe’s in general and how (even in Melbourne alone!) they have become such a significant part of our culture. What does this say about our society?

Food for thought!

(And also just food in general!)

‘Arte Moris’

Just a brief flashback to last year when we had the privilege of visiting  an amazing artist’s residence in Dilli, Timor-Lest. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a piece in progress!

Many of the incredible resident artists have an unbelievable passion for what they do (not to mention talent!) and would love more than anything to study their practice, however many do not have the opportunity. It’s unbelievable to think just how lucky we with the opportunity to not only study, but publish our work online for the world to see at the touch of a button!

If you ever get the chance to visit Timor-Lest, I would absolutely recommend giving these guys a visit!

‘Three’s A Crowd’

Last semester for Writing Media Texts our group (Bec Bozin, Mitchell Pirera, Beth Travers, Michael Nguyen-Huynh and myself) created the short film ‘Three’s A Crowd’, props to director Michael Nguyen-Huynh for a great single take film.


This is just a quick snap from ‘White Night’ Melbourne last year! This particular night was heaps of fun as we got to witness a tonne of awesome street art, films from multiple festivals around the world and live music all in the heart of the city. A great opportunity to see some fantastic Art House films such as  Tim Winton’s ‘The Turning’, a beautiful example of Australian cinema.

Tim Winton’s ‘The Turning’

‘Her’ Spike Jonze

I recently had the pleasure of watching Spike Jonze’s latest quirky romantic drama ‘Her’. I thought this film was just devine. Set in a future sci-fi world where artificial intelligence is possible, Joaquin Phoenix gives a beautiful performance as a somewhat unique individual who falls in love with the voice on his computer. I found this film particularly compelling as it explored an original, bold and creative concept and yet, through the simple exploration of moments within the characters lives, was completely relatable and left me contemplating what I want out of life. I love films that make you question and think, leaving you with a lingering hunger for more insight into the world of the film and the themes it explores, and this film did just that! The cherry on top accompanied by cream whipped to perfection was the gorgeous cinematography and soundtrack, absolutely something I would love to replicate in my own work. On the whole, a very inspiring film! Top notch Jonze!

Spike Jonze ‘Her’

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