I recently had the pleasure of watching Spike Jonze’s latest quirky romantic drama ‘Her’. I thought this film was just devine. Set in a future sci-fi world where artificial intelligence is possible, Joaquin Phoenix gives a beautiful performance as a somewhat unique individual who falls in love with the voice on his computer. I found this film particularly compelling as it explored an original, bold and creative concept and yet, through the simple exploration of moments within the characters lives, was completely relatable and left me contemplating what I want out of life. I love films that make you question and think, leaving you with a lingering hunger for more insight into the world of the film and the themes it explores, and this film did just that! The cherry on top accompanied by cream whipped to perfection was the gorgeous cinematography and soundtrack, absolutely something I would love to replicate in my own work. On the whole, a very inspiring film! Top notch Jonze!

Spike Jonze ‘Her’