I really enjoyed Callum’s blog as a whole as I found his discussions both intriguing and informative. One post I particularly enjoyed however, was actually a video he and his group constructed in Writing Media Texts last semester. The long take short film ‘Late’ presented a really cool and relatable concept that I thought worked quite well for the format of the piece! Props cal!

I really love the quirky and engaging nature of Bec’s blog and the tone she chooses to use when writing her posts. Her recent reflection on the first ‘symposium’ of the subject really got me thinking as I think she communicated her thoughts in a way that was both realistic and relatable.

Michael’s recent post about the html test was, as per usual, zany and gripping. I legitimately enjoy reading Michael’s blog as I find his writing especially interesting and his content really relevant as well as creative and unusual. This was definitely an adequate reflection on todays test!