second lecture? symposium????? lecture?!?!?!?!

i missed out on the first week of classes and lectures and clearly missed the part where this change in term for our network media “lecture” occurred to now become a symposium.¬†what is a symposium and why must we call it that i’m really struggling to pronounce it, which is bumming me out big time. also bumming me out is building 56’s existence.

silly names aside, i really both enjoyed and hated this week’s….. lecture, yeah screw it i’m calling it a lecture. i thought adrian’s take on it was wonderfully refreshing; it was so nice to have a lecturer truly engaged with what they’re saying instead of reading notes off a sheet of paper in the most monotonous voice possible.

i thought it was really interesting what adrian put forth about materiality and how, subconsciously, it has shaped our understanding of the world. it was super philosophical and really left me wondering afterwards if i’d actually understood any of the ideas he’d brought up. his example of getting us to explain to someone who’d never seen or heard of the written word what a book was and its purpose left me whispering in desperation to the person next to me where the relevance was.

it was only later on that night and the next day in my tute that i grasped and understood adrian’s purpose. and boy it was a good one. i am still sitting here uncertain as to how i feel about the ‘limitlessness’ to the internet, i mean, does it ever end???




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