I found that this particular reading really substantiated  and summarised what was said in both the lecture and tute this week. As a technology rookie, I am without a doubt daunted by the concepts and technical elements involved in blogging. However, I can absolutely see the benefit, as outlined in the reading. We, as media students, are attempting to break into an industry where new technologies, mediums and concepts are constantly being invented and reinvented to better allow us to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Blogging not only provides us with the technical skills to keep up with this development, but encourages us to stay connected to the wild, ever changing whirlwind of hashtags, tweets and unnecessary cleavage shots. Furthermore, it motivates us as students to maintain a more professional presence online, and use these communications tools for the better.  As terrified and technologically disabled as I am, I absolutely agree with what has been said in this weeks reading. Blogging for the win!