‘ A word can only mean something by not what it is but by what it is not’.

This  interesting, thought provoking and slightly mind boggling concept that Adrain discussed in this weeks symposium really got me thinking, who determines what a particular word means? Why is that word associated with certain concepts or ideas? In relation to one of the major questions for this week, what is art? What defines culture? what defines progression or technology? Are these words describing a concept that is one and the same or are they in fact different?

I’m definitely going to have to take some time thinking about this one!

Second port of call for this week: Are we in fact narcissistic online? What is narcism? What defines it? Adrian argues perfection. If so is narcism necessarily a negative? I honestly think it depends.

Most of us use the internet as a means of conveying our personal thoughts and feelings to the world through statuses, selfies, tweets etc. But what effect does this have on both our privacy and the way in which we conduct ourselves, particularly regarding our awareness of others?