What really struck me about this week’s lecture was the concept of literacy.

WhatI found particularly  intriguing was how intricate, dominating and important literacy is in both society as a whole and online. I believe Adrian used the example of lemonade: when he was in America and asked for lemonade (actually referring to spite) the woman had no idea what he meant, as in that particular culture lemonade refers to the homemade brew. This small example really got me thinking, how far does the concept of literacy go? And how relevant are all these codes and conventions to day to day life?

Furthermore, it’s scary to think how many of us remain ignorant regarding network literacy ie. the rules and practices of using the internet as well as the etiquette concerning the sharing and receiving of information. We have a brilliant technological medium at our fingertips, and yet most of us only know how to use its most basic functions!