This week’s session included a visit from talks producer from Elizabeth the Talks Producer at 3RRR. After informing us of her expectations of us as media professionals and the ways in which to contact her in regards to interview questions, I  began to develop more interview ideas.

After leaving my MS fun run/walk interview idea behind, I began to think of topics or themes that I would find interesting to undertake in an interview, along with what would come across as interesting to the 3RRR and more specifically the RWAV audience. Currently, the idea of strong and successful women is something that is at a constant forefront of discussion within the media industry. Especially with the ideas and expectations surrounding pay equality etc. I was given the idea of a woman called Hannah Clement through a mutual friend, exploring the idea of a woman in a male dominated industry. Studying a bachelor of engineering at University, and winning the Young Engineer of the Year Award in 2004 – 3 years after graduating with honours, I was intrigued with the person that could be interviewed and the depth it could provide. Leading million dollar projects in Abu Dhabi regarding the F1 Race Track, along with the Melbourne Park redevelopment and currently the State Library renovations, I believe that Hannah will be an extremely intriguing individual to interview. Not only has she created a vastly successful career, but she has built a family. Exploring the balance of family life, obtaining a successful career and being a female in a male dominated industry as she makes her mark on the infrastructure and foundations of Melbourne – the city she was raised in –  I believe will lead to an interesting and personable piece.