Due to difficulties in group availability, I was not able to attend the group panel session on the 6th March (public holiday), so I attended group two’s session on the previous Thursday morning. Having already started upon my arrival the group were extremely inviting in my participation. The entire group rotated in roles, giving each person a chance to experience and get to know the panel and its mechanisms.

My experience with the panel, while a little rusty and unfamiliar at first I believe overall was successful. With assistance from the group, I was able to transition between an intro, to presenters, playing tracks and sponsorships, along with an external track from YouTube. It was great to become familiar with the panel, developing an understanding of how it works from the panel operator’s perspective and from the other side of the desk as a presenter. The session went really smoothly and it was great to have the support of the other group behind me as everyone helped each other when they had questions or queries on what they were doing.

Hopefully when my entire group meet together we will be successful in putting together our demo despite a lack of current practice together.